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Scooter Review

  • SYM HD200

(by Ed Weaver)

Apollo Scooters of Houston loaned me a SYM HD200 scooter for a group ride in the Texas Hill Country.  The group consisted of one SYM 200, three Suzuki Bourgman 400’s, one Yamaha Majesty 400, one Piaggio MP3 500 and two motorcycles.  I was the smallest ride in the pack…

Heading toward the Hill Country

Heading toward the Hill Country

We rode the Hill Country for two days.  I rode with the group the first day but kept the scooter below 55-mph and could not keep up when the larger scooters were running 70-MPH on the straightaways; but they were holding me up in the curves so I elected to ride solo the next day.  The second day was much better and I was able to really enjoy the SYM in the curves.

I was impressed with this scooter for many reasons and would like to share them with you:

A. The scooter had very good acceleration from a standstill and has good acceleration up to 55-MPH.

B.  There was no hesitation when accelerating at low speed.

C. The scooter is well-balanced and very easy to ride.

D. Easy to put on center stand.

E. The instrument panel is well-lit and easy to read at night.

F. The scooter started with no throttle the instant the start button was pushed .

G. The brakes were good but I never had to really do any hard braking.

H. I liked the gasoline filler cap.  It was not under the seat.

I.  The coolant level could be seen (through the little window) without removing any panels.

J.  The scooter got 75 MPG through the curves and the hills at 55-MPH.

K.  I am 5-ft 10-inches tall with a 32-inch inseam and the seat fits me perfectly.

L. The stock windshield is adequate with ear plugs. I have a half-helmet and the wind noise was high without     earplugs.

Now for the items that could be improved on with accessories:

1.  A seat cushion for long rides.

2.  A larger windshield.

I do not know why anyone would want to buy a 49cc scooter when for just a little more they could have a HD200.  This scooter could be the first scooter and you may never need to move up.  I believe this scooter is capable of running 70-mph and I would not be afraid to run it on the interstate for a short distance if it was legal.  If a person needs to move up there is the SYM Citycom 300i. I do believe that Honda and Yamaha may have some strong competition from this scooter.

These are just my opinions and it is worth what you paid for it.–Ed Weaver

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