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Scooter World Land-Speed Record Trials

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

(From Alan Spears aka IDEFENDM on MV, Wed May 05, 2010 2:04 am)

First Annual Motor Scooter World Land-Speed Record Trials

Dear Entrant/Prospective Entrant,

We’re pleased to announce that has made an extremely generous financial contribution to Motor-Scooter International Land-Speed Federation to insure the success of the First Annual Motor Scooter World Land-Speed Record Trials, November 21st 2010, El Mirage Dry Lake, CA.

We now have the support and endorsement of two Participating Sponsors, Motor Sport Scooters of San Diego, Ca, and

The website is very close to launching. Those of you that were kind enough to pre-enter will keep your starting positions, but you will have to re-register on-line when the website becomes active. My sincere apology for any inconvenience.

The contact information page appears thusly:

Thank you for your continuing interest and support.



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  1. Harry 'O permalink
    Thursday, May 6, 2010 10:53 am

    The most awesome endeavor EVER!!!

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