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Rider Down

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mr. Bruce (2nd from left) and son Eric (to his right) at the Marksville Museum, Nov. 8th, 2009

Mr. Hurbert “Bruce” Broussard, age 77, a scooter-rider and active member of [SIC] was hurt in a scooter vs. auto accident in Lake Charles last Thursday, January 28th.  He suffered broken C1, C2 vertebrae and a compound fracture in his left-leg just below the knee.  He has been recovering after two successful surgeries since the accident.  Today, Ed and I joined members of [SIC]–Paul, Sulphur Larry, and Bell to the Lafayette General Medical Center to pay Mr. Bruce a visit…

Bell arrives at Pitt Grill on his new Burgman 400


Sulphur Larry shows that he rides with the pride of SIC


At American Press in L.C., we meet up with Paul and everyone signs the get-well card

Stopping at EZ Mart in Jennings for some piss-n-gas

How do they know that we are coming?

We stop at Don's (Scott, La.) for a light-lunch consisting of some delicious boudins and cracklins

SIC arriving at the Lafayette General Medical Center

Stepping inside the hospital, the WhoDat pandemonium is evident

Surrounded by family, Mr. Bruce was in bed recuperating as we entered the room.  He greeted us looking surprisingly well, alert and in good spirits for what we could only imagine he must have been through over the last week.  Mr. Bruce and son Eric filled us in on the details of the accident.  In short, a car-driver determined to turn (left) into a shop, grossly misjudged the speed of the approaching scooter while executing a (failed) left-turn maneuver, cutting off the scooter and sending Mr. Bruce high-siding into an adjacent parking lot where a secondary collision occurred between a parked van and Mr. Bruce as he landed.  Being a responsible, conscientious rider that he is, Mr. Bruce was wearing his helmet, tightly strapped to his head. There was no doubt to all who were present in the room that ultimately by wearing the helmet, Mr. Bruce had saved his own life.

Mr. Bruce mentioned that he couldn’t wait to return home to Lake Charles to continue his recovery and rehabilitation.

We didn’t stay for too long, leaving the wounded to recover in peace and quiet.–Lorenzo

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