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Winter Fitness Ride 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It certainly lived up to its name, “Freeze Your A*s Off Ride“; and what a ride it was.  Chances are in 2010…

I can appreciate some HotHands-2, and feet (photo:

…we may not get another weekend as invigorating as this one to test the readiness of the riders and the effectiveness of our winter riding gear–so this is it!  Oh, yes.  Speaking of winter riding gear, it maybe a good idea not to forget exactly where I had misplaced my balaclava so that I could remember to wear it on a day like this?

Mainly, I learned today that layering works great when there’s just the right amount; and covering up every square inch of your skin and keeping your extremities warm must be on one’s top priority–by that I mean, your finger tips and toes. I realized that much has to be improved in that area to make sure a wintry ride is as pleasant and as harmless as it could be.  Someone had once said that you don’t have to be a prostitute to understand what it’s like to be one; but I believe there’s truly no substitute for knowing how it is and what it takes to ride in winter unless you ride in winter.

Ed showed me his trick-of-the-trade, the HotHands-2, and gave me some samples to try.  Now, I can tell you this stuff really works, both physically and psychologically, to keep your hands and feet warm.  It’s definitely a boost.

Thank you, Sulphur Larry for coming all the way to Orange on a four-wheeler to escort Ed and me to Lake Charles.  We certainly appreciate Paul and Angela of DeRidder for giving us such a wonderful welcome as we rolled up to Steamboat Bill’s in Lake Charles.  But most of all, I want to thank our friends in Louisiana for sharing a delicious Cajun meal with us; and for recommending a quick follow-up mental competency exam.  It was well worth the ride, I tell you.–Lorenzo

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  1. Hi Bice permalink
    Thursday, February 11, 2010 5:52 pm

    looking for scooter group in Houston area…can’t find them…After 38 years riding BMW I bought a Silverwing….had nice trip summer of 2009 to BMW National Convention up in Johnson City Tenn. on the Virginia border….great trip and scooter did everything I asked it to do….would like to get with Houston club for some riding….today is feb 11 2010 and it is Houston Rodeo weather…but it HAS. to get better…someone please advise…..

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