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Friends Visiting From Far Away

Sunday, November 15, 2009

There is an old Chinese saying which may have been attributed to Confucius and it goes like this,”有朋自遠方來,不亦樂乎.”  Translation:  There are few things more delightful in life than friends visiting from far away places.  Yesterday was such a day–blessed by mild weather, and having riders, both from here locally and as far away as Houston and Louisiana, with whom to share a ride, some local culture, and a nice meal together.  It was just fantastic!–Lorenzo

(L~R) Lindsay, Bruce, Ron, Linda, Jim, Bell, Ed, Brian, Butch, and Larry

Bruce rode up on his new 09 Honda VTX 1300R

Sporting a new look well-suited to his new bike, Bruce also broght his lovely wife Linda

Butch in a "Code: Orange" reflective hoodie

Mike came to visit with us...

...On his new Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lindsay and Ron moments before departure

Just after we got on FM365, Brian (from Houston) joined us for a ride to the Louisiana-side of Sabine Lake

Bruce and Brian, next to his Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie

Code name: Thundercats

Loaded with every gadget known to contemporary men

Very clever Signalfly Wireless Helmet LED brakelight and 3M SOLAS reflective tape

Group takes lake-side snapshot...

And, another (thanks, Linda, for the nice pic)...

Next to the soon-to-be-completed (TX to LA) causeway bridge

Caught up with Ed and riders from Louisiana at the museum--my first time here so the obligatory run up to the 2nd floor to see this...

Replica of Janis Joplin's psychedelic painted '65 Porsche 356 Cabriolet

There is also a bronze sculpture of Janis by local artist Douglas Clark

Of course, not to forget the Robert Rauschenberg exhibit and many other wonderful displays of the rich gulf coast history and culture

Ron had suggested earlier the newly-opened GEO Burrito in Nederland for lunch

...And I ordered three delicious tacos (carnitas, pollo and carne asada), why, are you having problems seeing the tacos?

Parting shot (thanks again, Linda) and a fitting end to a wonderful day...

But of course, the day just wouldn't be complete for Brian, who scooted from Houston to Louisiana, then crossed over both the Veterans Bridge and the Rainbow Bridge, the tallest bridge in Texas!

I rode with Brian to Winnie, then on the way home, feeling so happy, I made some doughnuts to celebrate the day (not really; but I wished that I could)!

*For more photos from our ride today, including the visit to to Port Arthur’s must-see Museum of the Gulf Coast, please go here and comment whenever you feel like it.  Thanks!

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  1. Bruce permalink
    Saturday, November 28, 2009 7:29 pm

    We enjoyed the ride

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