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Tail of the Dragon Ride begins tomorrow

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tomorrow morning at 11:35, I will be leaving Beaumont to meet up with Ed in Orange, where we will officially begin the first leg of our ride to Tail of the Dragon.  We won’t stop until we get to Clinton, Mississippi, which is right off the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway, about 304-miles from Orange.  In Clinton, we will rendezvous with Andrew, Jolenta, and Chuck of the Houston USR and look for a place to spend the night.

Motorists can avoid me a mile away with this one on. (

The weather forecast for our departure tomorrow promises to be wet; but we are fully prepared with rain gear, from head to toe.  it shouldn’t be too bad once we begin heading northeast, away from all this soggy mess from the Gulf.

This afternoon, I checked and topped off all fluids for the MP3 and then gave it a wash.  Afterward, I also pumped up the tires to the proper pressures.  I guess, that only leaves dinner, some laundry, some packing and a good night sleep.*

This is their view when I am pulling away. (

Alpinestars Shibuya waterproof shoes

Alpinestars Shibuya WP (waterproof) shoes. (

The other side.

The other side.


Bottom view.

And of course, 2-pc rain coat to stay dry.

And of course, 2-pc rainsuit to stay dry. (

*Check back with us in a week for more on our ride to TOD, Natchez Trace, and who knows what other adventures we may get ourselves into along the way.  Stay tuned.–Lorenzo

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  1. Friday, September 11, 2009 6:59 am

    Wow, all this rain. Great for testing rain gear, I guess. Reviews and all the stories from our TOD Ride in about a wk. Stay tuned, folks! 🙂

  2. snip permalink
    Wednesday, February 10, 2010 6:27 pm

    Hello there. I am thinking of buying a pair of shibuya shoes but I can only order them. Can you please compare their size with a converse all star shoe size or any other popular shoe so I can make my decision on what size should I buy. Thanks man.

    • Thursday, February 11, 2010 6:46 am

      I believe it was on where I have read that if your “normal” shoe size is 12, then you should try a pair of size-11 Converse All Star–one size smaller. That is almost true for me.

      I wear Converse All Star 11.5 and my “normal” shoe size is 12. But when buying the Alpinestars Shibuya (online), I had to take into account that I might be wearing thick socks for bad or cold weather, therefore I went with a pair of size 13 just to be safe, and it has worked ourt pretty well. Now I mostly wear them in the winter, and sometimes with two pairs of socks.

      You cannot simply substitute my experience with these shoes for an actual fitting. Even if your local stores do not carry the Shibuya, there might be other Alpinestars models for you to try and think about what size and how you intend on using them. It’s not easy, but it beats ordering them (not cheap) and sending them back (and pay a fee); or worse yet, living with an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Shoes are personal, and they’re safety equipment in this case, so choose wisely.


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