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Recent NHTSA Recalls May Affect You

Monday, August 17, 2009

This article on entitled “Massive NHTSA Recall Assaults the US” got me interested in the issue of vehicle safety recalls.  Specifically mentioned in this article was the Aprilia Scarabeo 200…

Here in its entirety:

Piaggio USA also got its own share of NHTSA recall as it recently announced that about 1,260 model year 2008 and 2009 Aprilia Scarabeo 200 motorcycles (?) include a faulty component in the carburetor system which could lead to fire in the presence of an ignition source. “Dealers will reconnect the hoses to eliminate the connection of the emissions system to the carburetor. The remedy is free of charge,” Piaggio said in January.

Then, I got busy and here’s what I found.  NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) keeps a six-month worth of pdf links to what it calls “Safety Defect/Noncompliance Notices” reports for public viewing.  The above posting was probably published in January of this year.  You can also search for these and other earlier reports if you have the “Recall ID”.  Perhaps this ID is what would be mentioned in the letters that you may receive from the manufacturers of your scooters, tires, or helmets.  That is, if they ever bother to notify you first.

Below is a scooterist-centered summary of the NHTSA safety recalls from the last six months:

(NHTSA, Feb, 2009)  Piaggio is recalling 458 MY (model year) 2008-2009 Aprilia Scarabeo 200 motorcycles. These motorcycles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 205 “Glazing Materials.” The incorrect DOT standard equipment handlebar mounted windshield that was provided was installed.  Both DOT and Euro specifications were sent for installation. This does not meet the requirements of the standard. Dealers will replace the windshield component according to DOT specifications free of charge.  The recall began during February 2009. Owners may contact Piaggio at 1-212-380-4458.  09V-035

(NHTSA, June, 2009) KBC America is recalling 2,964 Magnum motorcycle helmets, sizes XS, SM, and MD manufactured in 2007 and 2008. These helmets fail to conform with the penetration requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218, “Motorcycle Helmets.” In the event of a crash the wearer may not be adequately protected, possibly resulting in injury. KBC America will notify owners and offer a free replacement helmet. The recall is expected to begin during July 2009. Owners may contact KBC America at 1-818-526-7771.  09E-037

(NHTSA, June, 2009)  Piaggio is recalling 2,428 MY 2006-2008 BV 500 and MY 2005-2007 X9 500 scooters. The fuel hose connecting the fuel filter to the fuel pump may come loose. If this fuel hose connection is loose, or has become completely disconnected, then there will be a drop in, or loss of, fuel pressure to the engine. Loss of fuel pressure and engine stalling will increase the risk of a crash. A fuel leak can also result in a fire. Dealers will replace the length of fuel hose connecting the fuel pump to the fuel filter free of charge. The recall began on July 3, 2009. Owners may contact Piaggio at 1-212-380-4400.  09V-188

Also worth mentioning here is that I have also found several safety recalls for late model Ducati, Harley-Davidson and BMW motorcycles, and automobiles made by Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, VW as well as this one:

(NHTSA, May, 2009) Tesla Motors, Inc. is recalling 345 MY 2008 Tesla Roadster vehicles manufactured between March 2008 and April 22, 2009. The rear hub flange bolts on some of these vehicles may be under-torqued and may become loose. A loose hub could lead to degradation in vehicle handling, and a rubbing noise from the rear of the vehicle. If the problem is not addressed promptly, the driver could lose control of the vehicle, which could lead to a crash. Tesla will notify owners and repair the vehicles free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin during June 2009. Owners may contact Tesla toll-free at 1-877-888-3752.  09V-178

I suggest you bookmark this page and glance through it once a month, just to be safe.–Lorenzo

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