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Piaggio Recall Notice

Saturday, August 8, 2009 and both reported in June about this recall notice issued by Piaggio.  According to, “Piaggio USA, Inc. is recalling 2,428 units of its 2005~2008 X9 500 and BV 500 scooters due to a fuel hose problem…

Piaggio says the fuel hose connecting the fuel filter to the fuel pump may come loose. If this fuel hose connection is loose, or has become completely disconnected, then there will be a drop in or loss of fuel pressure to the engine, resulting in engine stalling.

Dealers are asked to replace the length of fuel hose connecting the fuel pump to the fuel filter free of charge. The recall is expected to begin June 15.”

Micah Shoemaker of Af1racing in New Braunfels, Texas was asked about whether the recall would affect all 500cc scooters made by Piaggio and its other brands, and this is what he had to say:

“I have been getting to fix 500cc scooters under recall on the order of about 1~2 a week for a pittance… 500cc Mp3 Piaggios have not been an issue lately but the SC500, Scarabeo 500, BV500 and Superlight have been all up in my business lately!

There is a nationwide recall on the fuel pump assembly, well the hose that goes from the pump to the filter and I have been getting my share in the door.  The problem is that there is never just one issue, while in the shop the owners all want either service or there are additional warranty related issues that keep popping up.  One guy has 22k miles on the BV500 he bought 9 months ago.”

If you think your scooter is affected by this recall and you haven’t been contacted by Piaggio yet, then I would strongly urge you to contact your nearest local Piaggio/Aprilia dealership and schedule this warranty repair.–Lorenzo

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