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Stephen’s Review: Get A Better Grip With Dogleg Levers

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Customizers never rest.  Ask yourself, have you ever seen two scooters exactly alike?  Scooterists are notoriously frenetic about customizing, modifying, or personalizing their scooters–whether for performance enhancement or for just pure good looks.  Stephen (RG to us) is a little of both.  Since acquiring his ’05 Vespa GT200L, Stephen has given it a new Euro-style LED taillight, a Leo Vince 4Road exhaust upgrade, some paint work, many dazzling parts from Jettin’ Industries, a gel-inlayed saddle, several sets of performance tires, (have I missed anything) and his latest–the OopsClunkThud Dogleg Brake Levers engineered by the living scooter legend, Scooter Cannonball Run 2008 winner Patrick Owens of California.

Photo:  Stephen RG

Photo: Stephen RG (*click to enlarge)

Here’s a stock brake lever that comes with the GT:

Photo: af1racing

Photo: af1racing

And here are the OopsClunkThud Dogleg Brake Levers by Patrick Owens:



Finally, a review from Stephen RG (reposted w/permission from author):

Just installed: OopsClunkThud Dogleg Levers 🙂

Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:03 pm

I just installed my OopsClunkThud “dogleg” brake levers. I placed the order last Wednesday they shipped that Thursday(9th), and I got them this Monday(13th) and installed them the same day.

I Like them.

First off: They look cool.

Second: Definitely easier to reach with my short fingers. I like to cover the brakes when riding in traffic, so they make a big difference in that respect, too.  Seems to make the brakes more responsive. Must be a change in leverage. No pun intended.

I also like the “beveled” edges over the rounded stock ones. The beveled edges give me a much better grip on the lever than the smooth rounded stock levers.

They were super easy to install, after wrestling the headset plastic off (which I was planning to take off anyway to install my Jettin’ headlight visor).

The levers themselves only required a screwdriver and a wrench. (Be careful not to lose to the two washers that are on either side of the stock levers. You’ll need those with the doglegs.)

The only improvement I would make would be to include a free decal in the package.

Very nice product. Well done Patrick!


To read the original article posted by Stephen RG and to see the reactions from his peers on Modern Vespa, click HERE.  Thank you again, Stephen, for sharing your experience with us.  Perhaps, it is only by continuously modifying one’s scooter can one truly remain a Mod.–Lorenzo

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  1. denny permalink
    Thursday, July 23, 2009 10:28 am

    They really look custom. Cool!

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