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Amerivespa 2009–A Photo Collection

Friday, July 10, 2009

(Updated:  July 11th, 2009)

Check out this and other equally light-hearted, fun photos from Amerivespa 2009 here, and don’t you be messin’ with my Vespa!–Lorenzo

Photo:  ericalm

Photo: ericalm


Hate to inform you boys and girls, but the streets are getting alarmingly violent (or have they always been this way).  As it turns out, you can buy online the very sticker shown in ericalm‘s photo from AV ’09.  But, who could be so “inspired” or disturbed to come up with such a blatant design–so direct, so intensely brutal, and so mafioso?  (Well, this maybe the biggest bombshell in our world yet) It’s Rex Hermogino, famous scooter singer/song-writer and grand-prize winner of the Go Green Vespa Video Challenge.  Yeah, that same mild-mannered San Diego man, singing that catchy “Vespa, Vespa…” tune that maybe you were humming to while riding a scooter or in the shower, came up with the idea for such stickers and also t-shirts.  Like a pit bull about to strike, the message effectively expresses to rest of the world some profound pent-up, latent aggression, brimming and  ready to explode.  But if you’re surprised or bemused by this full-fledged manifestation and the resultant  merchandising of a darker and more sinister side of some scooterist’s mind, Rex is not alone.  Check it out for yourself here.–Lorenzo

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