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Mudblast Report By Lindsay

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mudblast Rally 2009 began on Friday, April 3rd and lasted the entire weekend. Members of SCGT were on hand for all the grand festivities. That included myself (Lindsay), Ron, Ed, Jeff and Paul, who came all the way from DeRidder, Louisiana! There were about 75 scooterists all together who participated in this year’s event that was filled with nothing but good times…

Jeff was a big winner! (photo: Lindsay)

Jeff was a big winner! (photo: Lindsay)

Due to the untimely Hurricane Ike last year, the annual Sandblast Rally could not be held in Galveston, Texas, so now it has evolved into Mudblast 2009. Mudblast Rally was held in New Ulm, Texas, a beautiful little town that was truly relaxing and far away from the rat race. It was perfect in every way. During this time of year the wild flowers of Texas are in full bloom. The most breathe-taking ride was from New Ulm to Fayetteville. Miles after miles of rolling hills filled with bluebonnets, buttercups, daisies and Indian Paintbrushes throughout the countryside. There were ranches all over. I am sure the cows, horses, mules, goats and sheep really enjoyed our presence and let’s not forget the town folks. We were all treated like family which gave you that good ole’ down-home feeling.

Ron checking out the great prizes (photo: Lindsay)

Ron checking out the great prizes (photo: Lindsay)

Special thanks to the following sponsors for making Mudblast possible: Whitehorse Gear, The Motorcycle Shop (San Antonio, Texas), Ben Sherman, Working Class Streetin Gear, Houston Hell Rollers, SoHo Scooters, Scootersmith of Houston, Scootermax, Railean, Vespa Austin, Corazzo, Motorsport Scooters, Real Ale Brewing Company, Lone Star Beer, South Side Girls, David L. Groomer Custom Upholstery (Houston, Texas), Auto Lab (Houston Texas). Cool clubs: Filthy Few Scooter Club of Houston, Hammered Dog Sh*t Scooter Club, Houston Scooter Battalion and The Sunday Punchers.–Lindsay

*Lindsay’s entire rally album is available here, and to see more photos from the Mudblast Rally, please go to

**Paul from DeRidder has also written about Mudblast on his blog:  Scoot SWLA

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  1. Denny permalink
    Monday, April 13, 2009 10:17 am

    Nice job Lindsay!

  2. Saturday, April 18, 2009 11:17 am

    Thanks Denny!!

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