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Mardi Gras And The MP3 Advantage

Sunday, February 22, 2009

(Scene:  Mardi Gras Parade)  Rolling down the parade route, spectators and revelers lined up on both sides of the street, you spot a group of kids, smiling, some screaming teens, waving their arms wildly in the air, desperate for your attention.  They want beads!  At this moment, aboard the Piaggio MP3, moving at the speed of a slow race, you switch on the suspension-lock with your right thumb…

Yeah, you!  Go deep!

Yeah, you! Go deep!


BEEP, that assuring sound prompts you to take your hands off the handlebar and stand up (on the scooter), shiny beads hanging over your mirrors now firmly in your hands, gold, purple, green and more.  Standing (about a foot) higher off the ground with an enhanced over-the-head panoramic view, your eyes survey the crowds gathered around, looking for someone, a target.  Singling out a little kid in the crowd, beadless yet hopeful, you begin swinging the beads overhead in a circular motion like a lasso, and the crowds cheer harder and harder.  You take aim and launch the beads, out they go like a football into the receiver’s hands.  The kid catches them. The crowds roar. Wonderful! Sinking back down into the comfortable seat of this wonderfully unusual machine with a sense of amazement and satisfaction but only for a second before you must regain composure for the task ahead.  Hands on the handlebar again, you throttle up a little and the scooter pulls off gently, the suspension-lock disengages automatically and almost simultaneously, BEEP.  You continue rolling down the street, looking forward and around, who’s next?  You begin to wonder, who needs to be on a float when you’ve got an MP3? Perhaps the designers of MP3 never intended for it to become a mini parade float; but the MP3 sure seems perfectly at home at the Mardi Gras Parade.–Lorenzo

MP3 makes bead-throwing a breeze at the Mardi Gras parade!

MP3 makes bead-throwing a breeze at the Mardi Gras Parade! (Photo: Lindsay)

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