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The Subtle Decline Of Western Civilization

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In a recent TV interview, Mayor Becky Ames* of Beaumont appeared to encourage citizens and business owners alike to show more initiative by cleaning up their own surroundings.  She said that each morning, a city worker is instructed to walk around the entire grounds of City Hall and pick up all the trash settled there.  “Why do you come to (my) City Hall to dump your trash?” she questioned…


While a certain amount of the waste could have possibly been carried there naturally by wind from the interstate nearby,  it is believed that most of what is collected especially in the parking lot area has been discarded deliberately by visitors, habitually purging the trash from their own automobiles (or shall we say, dumpsters on wheels).  This troubling phenomenon is curiously contagious, perhaps a deeper reflection of the lack of civic pride and morality permeating the City and beyond.  

Today in front of Rao’s Bakery, on Valentine’s Day, what is supposed to be a most happiest day overflowing with good vibrations and love, something foul, terrible and disgusting has happened.  An absolute new low by all standards.  Just look at the picture below(↓)!   I ask you, is there not a decent place in Beaumont to drink coffee anymore?  This is an outrage!–Lorenzo

Valentines Day diaper bomb in front of Raos.  No-ooooo!

Valentine's Day diaper bomb in front of Rao's. Bowel-terrorism threatens Beaumont. (Click on image to enlarge. I dare you!)

* SCGT is in no way endorsing Mayor Becky Ames in her upcoming bid for re-election.  May the best candidate win.

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