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Snow Flurries?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes!   Overnight, as mercury dipped down to 32-degree and conditions became perfect, we experienced (possibly) our very first significant snowfall in SE Texas since 1989 (although some would argue it was 1973).  Enjoy this Nature’s wonder today.  If you don’t have to travel early, it’s OK to stay home.  As for me, I am going to look for an ice scraper…

First Snow, 2008

First Snow, 2008 (click to enlarge)


Texas Winter, 2008

Texas Winter, 2008

All cleaned up, ready for work New England-style

All cleaned up, ready for work New England-style


Extremely rare treat for kids down here

Extremely rare treat for kids down here

Snow has hidden an interesting detail here (click to enlarge)

Snow has hidden an interesting detail here (click to enlarge)

Still having trouble reading it?  Click HERE.  It was taken right in front of the Beaumont Police Department.  No words yet if the Mercedes belongs to an employee there, or is just an evidence.

A friend of ours, Jan from Houston (USR member who rides a Suzuki Burgman 400) sent me this message and I hope she doesn’t mind my sharing it with all of you:




Imagine this if you can. You are sitting making out Christmas cards, watching the movie “White Christmas” and wishing for snow that you were used to seeing when you were a small child. Oh we used to have so much fun! Sled-riding down the big hill behind the school, snowball fights in the field behind the house, even bumper skiing which was so dangerous but we didn’t realize it back then. There was Earl down the street who was fantastic at building snow sculptures.People would come from all over town to check it out. How about Linda who would ride her bike like it was the middle of summer. We were always ready with snowballs to try and knock her off her bike. We were so mean! Anyway here we are walking down a wintry memory lane as we make out our yearly Christmas cards. All of a sudden I looked out the window. Why I looked I would never know, but I am glad that I did. I let out a shriek,”It is snowing!!!!” I started dancing all around the living room. “Snow! Snow! Snow!” Yep, here in Houston we had about 2″ on the ground with big huge flakes still falling. Of course, all the neighbors were outside checking it out as if Martians had just landed. Flashes on cameras were popping as if Brad Pitt was in the neighborhood. People were laughing and making snow angels and yep even building snowmen with whatever snow they could gather. I made a nice cup of hot chocolate and sat out on the swing with the heater going and the snow falling for I knew if I let this moment get away by morning it would all seem like a dream. Snow in Houston? Unheard of but it happened. December 2008!

–Jan (aka Janice)

Then Denny Romero from Port Neches sent me this clip that he captured as the snow was falling.  He wanted to share it with you all.  So I put it back-to-back with a short clip from me taken earlier this morning.  Thanks, Denny, and enjoy the video!–Lorenzo 

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