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Wo, Wow! Here Comes SYMBA!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Steve Guzman over at just made it almost-official–SYM’s cute little motor bike, the WoWow, will soon be arriving  in the States under the new name “SYMBA“(also very cute).  Honda authorized SYM years ago to produce this Cub-clone mainly for the Taiwanese market, and I believe that this would be the latest incarnation of the ones ridden by my dad and my granddad years ago.  I remember going places on the bumpy backseat of one of these bikes with my head leaned sideways against my dad’s back and my arms around his waist, everything around us was blurred by the speedy movement of the ride.  (Shaking my head) And there’s still a faint scar on my right calf where the hot chrome exhaust pipe branded a big ‘ole ugly blister for me to remember it by.  Ahhh, those were they days…–Lorenzo




SYMBA (image courtesy of TheScooterScoop.Com)

SYMBA (image courtesy of TheScooterScoop.Com)

And here is a Taiwanese commercial for the WoWow (but it sure sounded like they were singing “WowWow”?):

Update (Jan. 21st, 2009):

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  1. scootswla permalink
    Saturday, December 6, 2008 12:59 am

    Holy Cats! I know what the next scooter I get will be. How can I sneak this past the missus?

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