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Smrfmobile Defies Logic

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Apparently, when Piaggio mp3’s were puchased by some buyers here in US (not known elsewhere) that three wheels were just not enough.  Remember this lady with the “mp5”?  Well, she’s not alone.  Enters the Smrfmobile,  and this one even has its own web page.  I have not had a chance to tally up all the mods and upgrades yet; but you may want to when you have some free time after riding.  The interesting thing is that after thinking about it a little more, I conclude that if the set up enables more people (those w/handicaps included) to improve their lives by riding and enjoying scooters, then I am all for it.–Lorenzo

To each its own (photo:

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  1. Paul permalink
    Tuesday, November 4, 2008 10:46 pm

    kinda like a marshmallow sledge hammer. All the engineering Piaggio went through to be able to lean defeated by more wheels. Put the training wheels on a helix and save a few grand.

  2. Tuesday, November 11, 2008 8:35 am

    You’re so right, Paul. Put the Tow-Pac kit on something that costs much less would offer the mobility desired and more than satisfy even the most demanding special needs.


  3. Monday, April 27, 2009 11:46 pm

    Hello. I am the owner/rider of the Smrfmobile. I’d like to offer you some insight into what caused the creation of the Smrfmobile and his five-wheeled status.

    1. Before purchasing the Smrfmobile I had no intent or knowledge of the Tow Pac MiniTrike kit. I had reservations about the purchase due to physical disabilities and my short stature (inseam of 25″ vs seat height of 30.7″) Upon leaning the MP3 in the showroom I had no problems holding it up while leaning it back n forth to the right n left while flatfooting it. Therefore I purchased a MP3.

    2. Upon delivery and subsequent riding I found that I did not take into account the added strain of grasping brake levers with the momentum of trying to lean a moving scoot therefore scoot got dropped. In the showroom I stupidly was tilting the scoot while holding the handlebars and not grabbing at the brake levers.

    3. Upon research and talking to riding friends about options I discovered and subsequently purchased a Tow Pac MiniTrike kit.

    4. Upon reflection had I known I was going to ‘trike’ out my scoot I would of gotten the 400cc not 250cc for better freeway performance. I’ve asked myself would/should I have added the kit to a less expensive scooter……NO. Yes, there are plenty of other 250cc scooters for less than the MP3 BUT the MP3 still gives me added safety/stability/braking power because of the two front wheels and when the kit needs to be off the Smrfmobile I am able to do the removal/reinstall myself. If I had a traditional 2-wheeled scooter I would need another person every time to hold the scooter up as the kit was being removed/reinstalled. But, not with the MP3, I just lock it and can do the work myself.

    5. Do I wish I could ride without the kit. SURE, but not everything in life can be exactly what you want. Did I lose something? Not really. So I don’t lean, well my car doesn’t lean but the Smrfmobile does a bunch of stuff for me my car doesn’t and that is priceless. And for whatever percentage you might think I lose from having the kit on, well I’ve gained a lot more. I don’t think anyone on a 2-wheeled scoot could say they transported a 6 foot long folding table on their scooter!? I have confidence in the stability of the Smrfmobile to transport my three dogs on him (all at the same time). I ride on the freeway everyday (rain or shine) and not even semi’s passing me give me wind problems with moving my ride the wrong way. An 800 mile roundtrip to Los Angeles cost me less than $50 in gas. I get 42-58MPG and loving every mile on the Smrfmobile.

    Look at a glass..half full or half empty… in my opinion it’s completely full with two different substances.

    Just like your club motto says “You didn’t find the scooter? The scooter found you!”

    I welcome everyone to check out our website and see the full and ongoing adventures of the Smrfmobile.

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