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Here Once Stood Hopes And Dreams

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is a post-Ike picture of Dairy Queen in Winnie, Tx, a favorite stop of mine on those countless trips to Galveston since my early-teen years.  Today, on a return visit there, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is back in business.  The building has been almost completely restored, with the exceptions of a few details here and there.  The DQ sign on the side of the road reads,”OPEN 10 TO 9.  NOW HIRING.”  To me that’s a good sign, of things coming back, even if it is painfully slow.  Read on…–Lorenzo

DQ of Winnie, rearranged by Hurricane Ike  10/4/08

DQ of Winnie, rearranged by Hurricane Ike. Take on 10/4/08.


Below is a slide show* of my visit today, included are a few symbolic photos from Beaumont, too.  Have a look!  Things are returning, slowly yet surely.  A Galveston County Sheriff asked me to go no further than the east side of the damaged Rollover Pass Bridge, saying that only local residents are allowed to go beyond.  I fully respected his words and started back.  

* To see the original-sized slide show, click HERE.  Click on the speaker icon on the top left-hand corner if you don’t need some music to set the mood.–Lorenzo

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