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Ike Is The New Rita

Saturday, October 11, 2008

When we visited with Mike and Pam at the hospital today, Mike mentioned that hospital food was so-so and he had a craving for some good chicken gumbo, such simple pleasure.  Well, Denny had the right idea–“how about JF Smokehouse?” he said.  So we scooted down to Port Neches, Red, Stephen, Pete, Jay, Denny and I…

Riders outside JF Smokehouse, Port Neches

Riders outside JF Smokehouse, Port Neches

The barbecue was excellent there and the atmosphere was comfortably Western-contempo, a definite recommendation.  On the menu board, there was chicken gumbo, so we all chipped in and got a take-out order delivered, by scooter, to Mike, back at the hospital.

The afternoon was still beautiful for a ride, so we pointed our wheels toward Pleasure Island, one of our favorite destinations.  Upon reaching the top of the MLK Bridge, the aftermath of Hurricane Ike spanning the horizon below hit us.  The waterlines, the ruined buildings, the boats and yachts littered across the yard was reminescent of a Hollywood disaster movie set.  At the Umphrey Pier, Pete lamented the good times he spent fishing with his nephew there, now gone; the boat ramp, out of service.

It has been about one month  to date after Hurricane Ike tore through our area and left many of us in prolonged miseries and our surroundings in utter ruins.  For many of us, lives as we remembered will no longer be the same, perhaps ever again.  While some have recovered remarkably well since the damaging storm; obviously many here are still stressed out by it, and apparently some of us are in denial, worse yet, openly angry, at the government, at each others, and at themselves.  We’re all suffering here, just look around.  Please, let’s all try to practice a little kindness toward each others. In the long run, our lives will improve and the smiles will be back on our faces again.  

Pardon the editorialization here, but actually some of these thoughts came from a conversation which I’ve had with a police officer very recently, whom was investigating a possible hurricane-related stress-induced physical violence from a supervisor toward employees.  One of those employees happened to be me.–Lorenzo

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  1. Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:14 am

    Great job. Thanks for running this site. Your writting skills, and photography/videography are of professional quality. I look at it at least once a day, and look forward to riding with my SCGT buddys on the weekend….. when I can. Had a great time Saturday.

  2. Thursday, October 16, 2008 11:00 am

    Thanks, Denny! I do the best that I can. Of course, my sophomoric results are usually at best mere glimpses of the rich landscape and the honest yet colorful people and cultures that we so enjoy around here. Glad to be riding with all of you.–Lorenzo

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