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Lovebugs, Part Two

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We were blessed with fantastic weather today.  With no hurricanes in sight, it was cool, sunny and dry.  New rider Jeff on his Silverwing and Larry of Scootersmith II on a SYM RV250 joined Stephen, Ed and me at Rao’s for a little breakfast and coffee before we moved on.  Our ride to Woodville began in Nome after meeting up with three United Scooter Riders from Houston, Andrew, Tom and Bob.  We said good-bye to Ed and Jeff in Kountze and continued on to Woodville, where we enjoyed some very tasty home-cooking at the world-famous Pickett House.  Overall, a great day, fine folks, and a beautiful ride worth repeating!  Did I forget somethin’…..Oh man, them dang lovebugs got us again, ba-ba-ba-bad!–Lorenzo

The world-famous Pickett House, Woodville, Texas

The world-famous "Pickett House", Woodville, Texas




Could someone please identify thes beautiful plants?


Bob finally got his hand on one of them SYMs

Bob finally got his hand on one of them SYM's


Well, here is somethin you dont see everyday

Well, here is somethin' you don't see everyday



Tom aboard His Majesty

Tom aboard His Majesty





Larry and the new SYM RV250

Larry and the new SYM RV250


(From L to R) Andrew, Bob and Tom

(From L to R) Andrew, Bob and Tom


GPS conference

GPS conference





Lovebugs are equal-opportunity kinda critters


At times, I could hardly see where I was going...


Lovebugs rarely miss

Lovebugs rarely miss


Went right through just like Parmigiano-Reggiano


Wondering what was the last thing that went through a lovebug's mind



This one hit the target



The radiator fins are real death traps


Where is my pit crew?


Ride against the lovebugs at your own risks.  Clean up yourself and your scooter within an hour after the ride.–Lorenzo

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