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Curtain Falls For A Legend

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

(*Update: 12/27/09–Wait, is there a glimmer of hope? from The Economic Times)

The Bajaj Chetak, the 4-stroke workhorse from India, is  no more.  According to Al Kolvites, president of Argo USA,  ‘Bajaj Auto has”retired” the Chetak tooling and closed the plant…’–Lorenzo

Bajaj Chetak

Photo: premii

Here’s the entire message from the president:

We have sold the last of our Chetak scooters and Bajaj Auto will not
be building any more of these classics.  Bajaj Auto has”retired” the
Chetak tooling and closed the plant.  They have consolidated their
production into two of their other Indian factories and have moved
on to production of small engine motorcycles.  Bajaj Auto is moving
away from thescooter business, but not  going out of business;
last time I talked to Bajaj management, they told me they were making
145,000 motorcycles a month.
There is no truth to the rumor that Bajaj Auto will be making more
Chetaks. There are still a few Chetaks available at some Bajaj dealers
but sales move too quickly for us to monitor accurately.
I’m keeping a Legend and Chetak for my personal use, and no, they
are not for sale.
Bajaj Auto continues to supply us with parts and we will continue to
support these fine machines.
The sad passing of a legendary motor scooter …and life goes on.
Al Kolvites

Hopefully, by the time you click on THIS (same here), it is still available.–Lorenzo

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  1. freelancers2all permalink
    Tuesday, September 1, 2009 11:48 pm

    The knocked down bajaj chetkaks are available in plenty in India which can be remodeled afresh using latest technology and parts available in the market. Kindly contact us for further details for renovation and onward transmission.

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