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MCN Tests MP3 500 (Gilera Fuoco)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

MCN (Motorcycle News) is one of those sites which I follow.  This time, the featured bike is the Gilera Fuoco (fuoco is Italian for fire), rebadged by its parent company Piaggio and sold in the USA as the MP3 500.  Check out the video below as MCN’s Chief Road Tester, Trevor Franklin, rides the new three-wheeler.–Lorenzo

Piaggio claims that the MP3 can lean 40-degrees off the vertical; but Trevor definitely pushed the 500 beyond that mark, didn’t he?  On some of the turns he was actually leaning over 45-degrees (verified with a protractor), wouldn’t you say?  Maybe that explains all the metal (center stand) grinding at the end of the video, huh?  Pretty awesome!

HERE is a review by Basem Wasef of Popular Mechanics.  BTW, where are those two 70 plus-year-old dudes now?–Lorenzo


Of course, without the work of Leopoldo Tartarini and his Italjet SCOOOP, we would most certainly not have the mp3’s today.  To read Steve Guzman’s article on, click here.

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  1. just bouht the 500 yipee permalink
    Friday, July 25, 2008 3:00 pm

    lovely bike, bought it for fun as got sick of boring speed…fun fun fun
    my name is angie and i am from limerick ireland

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