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There’s A Sink Hole In Daisetta – Part One

Monday, May 26, 2008

Updated: 5/27/08 new video

[Sunday, May 18th]

I’m not a trained geologist, so I will leave it up to the experts to speculate as to the cause of the sink hole which may still be developing in Daisetta, Texas. But I will tell you this, when something as “big” as this happens so close to where we live, you can bet your top dollar the Scooter Club Golden Triangle will be there to investigate (or at least find an excuse for a ride over there)…

Ed and I set off for the sink hole from Rao’s on Dowlen in Beaumont shortly after 10am. We rode west on Hwy 90, passing China, Nome, Devers; turned north at Raywood, and soon Daisetta was within sight. There was really not much to see in Downtown Daisetta–a market, the Hull-Daisetta High School, City Hall, some houses, and old trailer homes. Then we came up upon the now-infamous road block on FM 770, where we were quickly approached by a man driving a truck with “Texas Railroad Commission” emblazoned across its doors. He carefully instructed us where to leave our scooters and how to walk down to the hole; but more importantly, that we should not dare cross over the “orange (plastic) fence” unless we really look forward to a night at the county jail. “They’ll be watching!”, that’s what the man said before he drove off, leaving a cloud of dust.

We parked our scooters, I grabbed my camera, and strolled past the road block over to the sink hole. Along the way, an Aggie from Houston (formerly of Vidor) tagged along so we were now three strong; but by the time we arrived at the “orange fence” the number had grown to ten, including a family from Baytown.

You really don’t have any idea when people describe the sinkhole as “two-football-field” wide and so deep until you gaze across the open expanse and your mind struggles to grasp the enormity of what the sink hole had swallowed up. It is HU-U-U-UGH! Walking around it and peering through the fences, the rim of the sinkhole appeared suspended in time. The layers of cracked concrete pavement which was once there, perched ever so precariously over the rim; and there was really no telling if and when they would continue to fall in.

Grandma, holding a camcorder, exhorted her son (or was it son-in-law?) numerous times to step over the “orange fence”, run quickly to the rim and snap a picture of the bottom of the sink hole; but the idea was quickly voted down by the rest of the family. She mumbled something about she didn’t see any law around. And just as quickly as she said that, a city cop pulled up (after lunch break I guess) and assumed his watch.

Before we left, Ed got directions from the policeman and then we were off again. We rode north and then east through Batson, Saratoga, and as soon as we pulled into Kountze, our collective stomach would not allow us to ride any further. Like a radar, we quickly and accurately homed in on Mama Jack’s Restaurant as the place where we would lunch. Not bad, I said. But you don’t have to take my words for it.

After a satisfying meal (for me two meals because I was so full that I skipped supper later), Ed and I continued on FM 418 to Silsbee, where Ed went east to Orange and I rode south via Lumberton and then back to Beaumont. Overall, it was a great ride today. The road condition was excellent (with the detour through Daisetta as the exception) and there was a good mix of curves, smallish hills and plenty of straight-aways to keep the ride interesting. This area north of the Golden Triangle is definitely worth coming for some future rides.–Lorenzo

**News videos of the Daisetta sinkhole:

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

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  1. Monday, May 26, 2008 8:07 pm

    Consider this sinkhole explanation …
    Though some sink holes are caused by careless deeds of people, or maybe other natural and explainable causes … many of the circular sinkholes occur because of a solid object that was once there in no longer in place … many Ancient Crafts having long since settled undetected below surface… are now of a quickened acceleration, have simply vanished from one place to appear in a higher place ….

    Many people would be surprised to know …. just how much UFOs and other Ancient Celestial Objects are associated with some of Earth’s so called natural disasters … and surprised even more so when the frequency veil surrounding this planet is totally dissolved … proof is in the pudding … we just haven’t received our due portion of the pudding … not just yet …

    Some Ancient Crafts drained of their ‘plasma cores’ had long since settled just beneath earth’s surface, some had settled very deep below surface …. The bigger the craft or object once settled, the bigger the sinkhole left behind when they are plucked away … cloaking barriers kept them undetected … many had searched, but could not find them ….

    SOON… a global trembling of an earthquake measuring an unheard of magnitude, will take place as a matrix opening beneath the ocean floor gives way for the passing through of a mammoth size Structure …. It will be of a glistening Metallic Object of Exotic Material … It will be manually operated …. It is an Ancient Pyramid Power Facility … The Eye of this Pyramid will roar of a powerful Plasma Field of Energy … the roar will be felt as a tremble throughout the planet …. It will elevate itself up to temporarily sit outside of Earth’s atmosphere … not many tall structures will be left standing after this trembling quake …

    I’m just an Old Soul Passing through, given something important to say ….

  2. Kellie permalink
    Monday, June 9, 2008 4:34 pm

    lol.. poor SCGT… put up a nice video about a sinkhole ride, and you get only one comment, from someone with a questionable theory.
    Thanks for the nice story and video.
    I wish I could scoot there, but it’s a bit of a jog for my Stella.
    Ride well!
    Alamoscoots scooter group.

  3. Andi permalink
    Sunday, July 13, 2008 8:40 pm

    This was cool! I was searching new information about the sinkhole and I found this site. I live just across the street from the sinkhole and I also grew up in Kountze. The song at the end tied my life together. Thanks Andi

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