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Scooter Fever Hits Southeast Texas!

Friday, May 23, 2008

In Southeast Texas, one of the mega oil refining sites in US, one would think that the residents here ought to be immuned to, or at least enjoy a substantial break on the soaring cost of gas. But No-o-o-oh! Over in Port Arthur where they actually make bazillion gallons of the stuff, prices of the medium-, as well as the premium-grade gasolines have quietly, yet steadily climbed over the (shocking) $4 mark! Watch out, San Francisco and Connecticut…here we come!

Calling all single-occupant, no-load, 12-mpg, gas-guzzling-full-sized-pick-up-truck-driving daily commuters out there! Stop the nightmares that you’ve created for yourselves, and stop throwing away your vacation money, your grocery money, your children’s college money and your medicine money each time you gas up your 20-gallon (dark hole of a) tank with $80-worth of gas. Don’t you realize that you’re only hauling you own miserable asses around at the expense of your loved ones? Stop the incessant complaints about the rising gas prices, too, because you have all begun to sound like broken records. Whiners are the worst gasoline-addicts because they don’t know how to help themselves. What do you expect, the oil companies will always profit (outrageously) and the prices of gas have not gone down overall since the days when bell-bottoms hugged your rear-ends and Disco was all the rage! As end-consumers, the only chance you have at achieving small victories is by simply consuming less (of their gas) as you go from points-A to points-B and back to points-A again.

Enter the scooters to the rescue! Surely a Toyota Prius would do the job reasonably well; but at a tenth of the cost of owning a hybrid car, a regular Joe could not only own, but learn how to ride a scooter safely and get great fuel economy around 80- to 120-mpg (of which a hybrid owner could only dream). At the newest scooter store in our area, Scootersmith II in Nederland, owner Larry Elliott beams as he describes the sales of scooters which have more than doubled his (as well as many others’) expectations.

While it is very encouraging to see that people are finally gravitating toward scooters as they begin to rethink and reformulate ways of how they spend their hard-earned money in today’s depressing economic climate; they must also be aware that scooters should not merely serve as the means to an end; but rather as a beginning to a whole new reawakening of the good ole’ American values such as frugality, simplicity, self-reliance and independence. Think of how far we all have strayed away from those time-honored values, and retool our lives to live more deliberately–curb our rampant materialistic consumptions; ask ourselves what “being satisfied” really means; and actively simplify all aspects of how we engage life in general will help us not only to live better, fuller, and be more conscious of our own surroundings, as well as being more kind to each other by treating one another like real human beings again.

It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Perhaps a scooter is just what you have always needed to get back on the road to Enlightenment.–Lorenzo

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  1. Friday, June 6, 2008 8:29 am

    Well, in the UK it’s $10 per gallon. And then there’s insurance rates as well…

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