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Hill Country Ride

Sunday, May 4, 2008

**[A week ago, SCGT member Ed went on a 800-plus-mile ride to the Hill Country with members of the United Scooter Riders from Houston. The following is an account written by Ed, detailing the ride.–Lorenzo]

We left Houston Friday (4/25) morning at 7:30 am and rode 310 miles arriving in Leaky, Tx. at 4:00 pm.
There were two 250 cc and three 400cc scooters. We cruised down alt 90 and IH-10 to San Antonio. We made a good many stops for gas and food. First stop was Columbus for breakfast and fuel.
Second stop was for a bee sting on point rider between Columbus and Seguin; with the third stop in Seguin for fuel and refreshments. Fourth stop was in Sabinal, Tx. for fuel and refreshments. Fifth stop was in Concan for a phone charger (left by a rider friend a week before). Sixth stop was Overlook for view.
Seventh stop was D’Rose Inn in Leaky, Tx. (The Hills started about ten miles from Concan.)

Friday morning was cloudy with a light mist; we did not ride until around 1:00 pm when it finally cleared up a bit. We rode the loop call the The Sisters. This is about a four-hour ride and can only be explained one way: God loves scooters. These hills and roads were made for cycling only. They do let other traffic on the roads but if I was king of the world only scooters would be allowed. The roads were up, down, left, right with any combination you could dream up. We had curves with recommended speeds from 15 to 45 mph (for automobiles). I would have to say that this was the best ride I have ever had. The scenery was great, so they say; but riding it you didn’t have time to enjoy it.

Saturday we rode to Kerrville with more of the same for a majority of the way, from Kerrville to New Braunfels by way of river road. It was what you would call a milk run. From New Braunfels to San Antonio was typical Highway 35 (heavy traffic). Downtown San Antone was a nightmare with traffic; and on to Seguin by IH-10 was good highway riding.

Sunday 7:30 am we left Seguin,Tx with no picture-taking. Try to stay ahead of the weather.
A short stop at Buc-ee’s for fuel and back on IH-10 to Sealy. Honda 250 pointed east, running flat out at
65 mph, only stopping for fuel (no pictures). At Sealy we left IH- 10 and I have no idea how we arrived in Houston around noon. One stop in a shopping center for two pictures and the group split up and the ride was over.

It was a really good trip and I and myself are willing to repeat the same trip at any time. I would strongly recommend anyone to make the trip to Leaky and ride the Hill Country. The only way to improve on this trip would be a longer stay in Leaky. There is a Texaco station in Leaky with free coffee all-day-long everyday. I believe a person can live on coffee and cream alone.

The only mechanical repair required on the trip was a leaky tire. The owner had the tire patched, slime-ed and reinstalled it on rim. Friday morning a glob of slime was noticeable behind rear tire. The slime expelled out of the tire while running, coating the fender weld of the scooter. It had also dripped on the pavement overnight. The tire pressure was not low enough but water test showed a very, very, slow leak. The tire was plugged and finished the trip without any problem. From this I can conclude that slime does not fix leaks but will indicator if you do have a leak. I do not like slime and will not use it.

For an animated slide show of the ride, please go to:


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  1. Sunday, May 4, 2008 12:21 am

    I actually saw Ed riding back toward Houston with his group at around 8:30 am Sunday on IH-10 at Luling near Buc-ee’s as I was speeding toward San Antonio for Spring Fling. Boy, what a relief (that they were alright)!

    What a coincidence, I must say.–Lorenzo

  2. Tuesday, May 6, 2008 1:54 am

    Nice recap of trip Ed. I really enjoyed it!! When I get that 250cc and above, lookout!! 🙂

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