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It’s Passover! Time To Hike Up Gas Prices Again

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scooting through Beaumont today I couldn’t help noticing that regular unleaded gasoline is selling for about $3.35/gal. Wow, what holiday is coming up now, hmmm… Oh, yes, Passover. According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, in Texas, regular gas is averaging $3.33/gal; mid-grade at $3.53/gal; and premium, a whopping $3.65/gal.

April 16, 2008 Sherman Oaks, California (Photo: Gregg Moscoe)

If you look up in that same page, you’ll see that those Texas prices are not even close to what they’re charging in California. For all that sunshine, cool weather, and bumper-to-bumper traffic, you’re expected to pay, on average, $3.82; $4.07; and $4.14, per gallon respectively for the three grades of gas. Did anyone say, “Price Gouging”? Yes indeed. Why, you didn’t know that, either?

Despite of what industry spokespersons would tell you about the switching from winter-blend to summer-blend; or that countries like China and India are depleting the world’s oil reserve; we know all too well living around here in the Triangle where the economic lifeline is basically oil, or more accurately, the petrol-chemical industry; and having people who work “Inside The Industry” tell us that those are simply lies told to cover up the manipulations and greed of the oil companies. After all, they have the supply, right? Industry experts could have told you that earlier. And, they did.

So if you’re riding a scooter, or have incorporated it into your daily life, good for you. If you’re sitting on the fence; what the H*&L you’re waiting for? Before gas prices drop a single dollar per gallon (and that’s a big IF), I predict that there will be more cows and pigs flying the friendly skies than commercial airliners.–Lorenzo

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