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On A Day Like This

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sandy Huffaker of

When the price of a barrel of crude oil shot over $100 yesterday, people got nervous. They started worrying about their money and how they must spend less to preserve their all-important “bottom line”.

While you can bet some poor working stiffs just lost their jobs (or promotions) over this negative trend; I sure hope that someone out there has created more jobs by opening up a new scooter shop, or a new bicycle shop or some other type of environmentally-friendly business. You see, on a $100+/barrel day (like yesterday), I get a lot more “lookers” wanting find out what kind of gas mileage I get for riding a scooter. I just tell them, “Now if you really wanna know, it’s between 80 to 120 mpg depending on how you ride it…, etc.” Routinely, the listeners will respond with a big “WOW!” (But actually you see, listening agreeably and, or even talking about doing something is easy; while the act of doing something can be hard.) Now, to REALLY get their attention (enough to consider riding scooters), a gallon of gas would have to cost around $5.

I look forward to that day when cowboys and cowgirls just abandon their single-occupant commuter-trucks, freeway-suv’s, Hummers (or as I say “Dummers”) and hop on the much more sensible scooters; yet I know, that won’t happen for a while…longer.

“George of Arabia”
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