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300mpg For A Plug-In Hybrid Is Kinda Uplifting

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No, it’s not science-fiction. It’s Aptera from Carlsbad, CA!

Some of you may remember my earlier attempt to bring the Aptera to the attention of the masses. Well, has released a video of their interview with the co-founder and CEO of Aptera, Steve Fambro. This has got to be the best and most descriptive video of the Aptera so far. I believe that, after viewing this video, if you’re not excited, impressed, moved, or inspired by this super-efficient vehicle in any way, then there may be something really disturbingly wrong about you as a person. Unless, of course, you ride a bicycle, a donkey or walk everywhere you go.

For $500 you too can reserve one of these sweet rides at So don’t just move ahead; but move bravely into a better future. An all-electrical, less expensive version is also available. By the way, Aptera is also on

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