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Il Diablo è finalmente arrivata!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

That was what Google Translate spelled out. Anyway, my Pirelli Diablo tire finally arrived today! It is so HU-U-U-GH and WI-I-I-DE! Yup, I have long decided to go with more of a superbike-look for my scooter, so in October I went ahead and ordered a sticky Pirelli Diablo 150/70-13 (maxi-) scooter tire from (“Best Prices Guaranteed”). Well, have you ever heard that things coming over from Italy always seem to take a little longer getting here? It did; and back-ordered soon became the new word that I would learn to loathe.

You've finally arrived -- my Diablo! ❤

So after waiting interminably in a limbo for all this time, I arrived at the local UPS facility this afternoon for the pick-up (see I couldn’t wait for the delivery) and there it was–the glorious Pirelli Diablo, fresh off the mold, gummy and gorgeous, with an intense, bewildering yet soothing fragrance of the finest Italian (actually made in Brazil) rubber compound. (Inhale) Aaah, Diablo mio!

The stock rear tire on my Aprilia SR50 DiTech is identical in size as the front tire, 130/60-13. So when I put the new Diablo next to the stock Sava tire, the difference became clearly evident. Furthermore, as a result of the upsizing, certain modifications to the rear tire area would have to be performed so the tire will clear. Piece of cake, something fun and challenging for me to do during the winter season, so I thought.

Come back in a couple of days when I plan to post a progress report of this little “project.” Below you will find some more juicy photos of the BIG, FAT tire. Enjoy!–Lorenzo

Feelers say it's FRESH!

The distinctive "Diablo" tread pattern and deep water channels.

The stock is dwarfed.

It is this much thicker.

This much taller.

And this much wider. Yes!

Now, click HERE to jump to Tire Change: Part One–The Removal.

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  1. Mangone permalink
    Thursday, April 24, 2008 4:23 pm

    How much did the new tire throw off the speedo?

  2. Thursday, April 24, 2008 5:11 pm

    Thanks, Mangone for the comment! The friction speed sensor is mounted on the front axle, therefore the bigger rear tire (150/70-13) really did not “throw anything off”( with the front tire remained stock 130/60-13). However, I did notice an increase of 1- to 2-mph on the top end after the rear upgrade (must got something to do with the bigger diameter, bigger circumference); if that answers your question.


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